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China 4G 5GB/Day (CMHK)

  • Speed : 4G
  • Coverage : China
  • Data usage : Speed is restricted by fair usage regulation (speed will be limited to 256 kps after first 5GB 4G). Automatically renew everyday.Access Facebook and Google
  • Number of devices can be shared : 5
  • Power : around 15 hours
  • Remark : **No any additional charging fee **Early-bird Discount do not allow bank transfer **Restricted by regulation of fair data usage
Price(Day) :
Original Price : $40
Hot Price : $
Early-bird Discount : $32
**Early Bird Offer (ie Angry Bird Offer) only applies to 31 days prior to departure book "China 4G 5GB/Day" (starting from the day after booking) ** Not enough 48 hours to book, will be charged at the original price